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Paint Watercolors Filled with Life and Energy and Passion

Learn How To Paint What You Feel.

By this I mean successful paintings express feelings and emotion. And when paintings don’t have emotion – just purely a reproduction of a subject like a photograph – without emotional content to me – are not worth the paper. Clever technique alone has little lasting value so important to paint what you feel with passion.

And this is what I want to talk to you about. I want to show you how you can follow your feelings to more successful paintings – works that express moments in your life frozen in time. Their content and approach will have to mean for you and evoke an emotional reaction that connects with your viewer.

The feelings you express in your works may or may not be shared in exactly the same way by your viewer. The effect depends on his own experience. But you must put passion in to stir up an emotional connection. And leave the interpretation to your viewer, unless invited to offer.

If you are just starting out in painting then I invite you to follow my blogs as you will learn a lot. Age has no consideration if you are just starting and if mature then you will have a lot of experiences to offer. And offer more emotional connections that your viewers can see in your paintings.

Just remember

Have no fear of starting out – it is all a new learning new experience and it is fun!!  Take every stride with a positive viewer it is all fun and all a learning process.

Also become aware of the different emotions such as fear, distrust, anger, fury, awe,,wonder,love,worship,joy,pleasure,surprise,shock,thrill,ecstasy,weariness,exhaustion,humiliation,embarrassment,insecurity,pain,worry,defeat – physical end emotional, frustration, bravado, sickness,skepticism and contempt and more…. We also have reactions to things such as music, color, sounds, shapes, textures, and materials (like wood, wool, velvet etc)

We also have vicarious feelings and we see these in others. We recognize (or we think we do) the words of others, their facial expressions, and body language. We know about these feelings because we have read about them, seen them on TV or in movies, heard about them from others. But we may have not experienced them personally. We transfer experiences we have learned about to people we see who interest us. We may be driven to do a painting based on a feeling that we think we see or want to see – but may not be remotely correct. But it doesn’t matter. All we need is an emotional reaction on our part.

SO any subject is valid. Provided the artist has an emotional reaction to it. Even an intellectual response can be translated into an emotion. Why do some people react to colors? Maybe their response is based on emotions that cant is verbalized. Psychologists claim that the color blue is calming and suggests steadiness, wholeness, and satisfaction with oneself. IF we haven’t heard of this theory we can still react to the color blue on an indefinable gut level. For example, I am doing a painting at the moment on waves crashing onto a lighthouse. I feel so happy with myself and how it is coming along without having the realization of the theory of the color blue – I was just drawn to the beautiful blues in the waves.

Obviously, the emotions are wide open. But the artist must know the emotional connection is only the starting point for a meaningful piece of work.

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